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YourZooki is all about making it as easy as possible to supplement with powerful ingredients. We specialise in applying the latest in nano-encapsulation technology to the worlds most popular health supplements, creating products that taste & perform better than any other products on the market. When you're using a Zooki product, you can be rest assured that what you're using is of the highest quality, at the forefront of science and utilises 100% natural ingredients.

The Journey so far

It started with a fishy burp

The Zooki journey began when Marcus had a knee operation (rugby injury) and was advised by his doctor to take fish oil capsules to aid his recovery. Marcus soon discovered, however, that reduced inflammation would come with a catch (as if swallowing horse-sized capsules wasn't bad enough). Marcus, his friends, family and eventual co-founder Jack, now had to contend with Marcus's 'fishy burps'. With zero alternatives available for the big, burp-causing capsules, Jack and Marcus decided there must be another way. The search began...

The search began

The relentless search began and endless meetings ensued. We tried lots of different things to make fish oil more palatable and the benefits more accessible. After meeting with world-leading scientists & ingredient suppliers from all over the world (and exploring multiple different avenues, including an 'Omega Water' drink), the concept of Zooki was eventually born with our first product: the Omega 3 Zooki Peach Mango. Marcus could finally put his fishy burps behind him. (Fun fact: it was originally called Omega Swoosh, but a well known sports brand threatened to sue us!).

12/05/2017 We launched the Omega 3 Zooki!

We didn't stop at fish oil - after all, it wasn't just fish oil that was unpleasant to take. While we tweaked the other products to get them just right, we launched the Omega 3 Zooki Peach Mango at BodyPower 2017 (a big health & fitness expo). Here's what people thought...


We started doing trade shows

Once the other products were ready, we started doing more trade shows. We wanted as many people as possible to try Zooki for themselves and it was a great way to get feedback.

We got some coverage

People loved Zooki! Because Zooki is so different, we got attention from magazines and newspapers wanting to write articles. You may have seen Zooki in the Mail Online, METRO, Women's Fitness, Now, Health, Gurgle, Woman&Home, Bella and more...

28/01/2018 We went on QVC!

We managed to sell out in 5 minutes which was just unbelievable! We've scheduled to go back on in March so keep an eye out for us...


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