We created yourzooki to be different from other health supplement companies

Health supplements for the whole family

Our range of liquid vitamins have been designed to benefit the whole family. Unlike most liquid vitamins, Zooki has a clean label - we only use 100% natural ingredients and all our products are sugar free.

The Zooki range is high strength - one teaspoon daily is suitable for all ages, but active adults can have two teaspoons if they're after a stronger dose.

Utilising technology to help live healthier lives

YourZooki is all about making it as easy as possible to supplement with powerful ingredients. We specialise in applying the latest in nano-encapsulation technology to the worlds most popular health supplements to make big capsules and sickly oils a thing of the past.

Encapsulating fatty acids and vitamins at the nano level rather than in big gelatin capsules means we can make supplements that have the texture of a yoghurt, are enjoyable to take and provide unmatched bioavailability. Take Zooki straight from the spoon or mix into water, smoothies, shakes, yoghurt, porridge & more.

Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamin C, MCT

At the moment, our product range features an Omega 3 Zooki made with pharmaceutical grade fish oil, a Vitamin C Zooki that utilises Liposomal Vitamin C and an MCT Zooki that provides a high strength emulsified MCT oil.

Omega 3 Zooki, Fish Oil, currently has four flavours available - Peach Mango, Lime, Red Apple & Tropical. Our Vitamin C Zooki is a Citrus Orange flavour, and the MCT Zooki is Vanilla Coconut.

While that's it for now, we're constantly adding to our range to include more flavours and more products - so stay tuned! 

Got a question? Just ask :)