YourZooki is different to other health & fitness brands. We're using new technology to offer completely new, more effective and more enjoyable ways to take the most popular supplements in the world. Made possible by recent breakthroughs in nano-encapsulation technology, our Zooki range offers Omega 3, Liposomal Vitamin C and MCT Oil in ways never before possible.

If you care about your health and want something more powerful, then you've come to the right place...

What is zooki?

Zooki means that it's been encapsulated at the nano-level using patented technology. It means it's more enjoyable and more bio-available.

new technology

We specialise in applying the latest in nano-encapsulation technology to popular health supplements to make big capsules and sickly oils a thing of the past. Encapsulating fatty acids and vitamins at the nano level rather than in big gelatin capsules means we can make supplements that are enjoyable to take and provide unmatched bioavailability. Take Zooki straight from the spoon or mix into water, smoothies, shakes, yoghurt, porridge & more.

100% natural ingredients

We think that what you put into your body matters. Unlike a lot of health supplements, Zooki has a clean label - we only use 100% natural ingredients and all our products are sugar free. There's nothing bad in any of our products and we don't take shortcuts - all our ingredients are sustainably sourced, organic and non-GMO.

third-party tested

Our products are formulated and produced in a GMP certified facility and each batch is third-party tested to guarantee the highest possible standard of products for our customers. When you buy one of our products, you can rest assured that what you're using is of the highest quality: fresh, 100% natural ingredients with no contaminants.

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