Omega 3 Zooki

Over 5 million fish oil capsules replaced so far

A great tasting, powerful alternative to ordinary Omega 3 supplements. A lot of people will just have Omega 3 Zooki straight from the spoon, however the smooth, creamy texture of Zooki means it can be easily added to yoghurt, porridge, smoothies, shakes and a whole range of different foods to really ramp up the nutritional contents of your meals.

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Vitamin C Zooki

Our nano sized bubbles deliver Vitamin C directly into your cells

Vitamin C encapsulated inside tiny spheres of essential phospholipids called Liposomes. Liposomes are designed to readily pass through the walls of your cells to deliver Vitamin C on a cellular level, allowing more Vitamin C to be absorbed before it can be excreted from the body. Once the Vitamin C has been delivered, the liposomes break down and the phospholipids are used by the body to make new cells.

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