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Liposomal Glutathione

Glutathione Zooki

Advanced support for energy levels, skin, cell health and combatting oxidative stress. 30 servings per box.


Advanced support for energy levels, skin, cell health and combatting oxidative stress. 30 servings per box.


Glutathione, wrapped in Liposomes

Glutathione Zooki is an advanced glutathione supplement with added Vitamin B2. We wrap Glutathione in 'Liposomes' - tiny bubbles of phospholipids designed to protect glutathione through the digestive system and deliver it directly to the cells.

Liposomal delivery of Glutathione

Protects against oxidative stress

Supports metabolism and energy levels

Defends against environmental toxins

Supports healthy cells as we age

Safeguards our cells and nervous system

A great tasting Liposomal Glutathione, with added B2


Each serving contains 100mg of Glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant.


Our Liposomes are designed to maximise the absorption of glutathione in the gut.

Safely transported

Our Liposomes protect Glutathione from the harsh environment of the gut, so only active glutathione reaches the cells.


Our oral syringes prevent Glutathione from oxidising and ensure each serving is as effective as the last.


Flavoured with natural orange, cinnamon, clove and vanilla extracts.

100% natural ingredients

Made with 100% natural, sustainably sourced ingedients



Glycerin (Coconut Derived), Medium Chain Triglycerides (Coconut Derived), Oleic Acid (From Olive Oil), Glutathione, Lactoferrin (Milk), Phosphatidylcholine, Natural Flavours (Orange Peel, Cinnamon Oil (bark), Clove Oil, Vanilla Extract), Vitamin E (as D Alpha Tocopherol), Stevia (Rebaudioside-A), Riboflavin and Meolybdenum

For allergens, see ingredients in bold


Nutritional information

Typical values /100g /1ml serving
Energy 418 kj (100 kcal) 4 kj (1 kcal)
Fat 0g 0g
Of which saturates 0g 0g
Carbohydrates 0g 0g
Of which sugars 0g 0g
Protein 0g 0g
Salt 0g 0g
Riboflavin (B2) 100mg (*7140%) 1mg (*71%)
Glutathione 1000mg 100mg

Serving size is 1ml daily. | * % Nutrient Reference Value

Directions for use

A box of Glutathione Zooki comes with 3 oral syringes, each containing 10 servings. Use the measurements on the side of the syringe to squeeze a 1ml serving out onto a spoon. Have straight or add to food and drink. Once you've removed the cap off a syringe, store refrigerated and make sure to re-seal the syringe in between servings.

Straight off the spoon

Add to water

Add to food or drink

What is Glutathione?

  • Glutathione (GSH) is often referred to as the body's master antioxidant. It is a tripeptide, ie., a very small protein composed of three amino acids - cysteine, glycine, and glutamate.
  • Glutathione can be found in almost every cell of the human body, the highest concentration being in the liver, making it vital in the body's detoxification process. It is also an essential part of the body's natural defence system. Bacteria, viruses, radiation, heavy metal toxicity, certain medications, and even the normal ageing process can all cause free-radical damage to healthy cells and deplete glutathione.

Glutathione antioxidant

  • Antioxidants are our body’s natural protection against free radical damage and oxidative stress. When our cells process oxygen to create energy, they also create molecules with missing electrons. These highly reactive molecules, known as “free radicals”, attack our cells and reduce their ability to function. Free radicals can also be created by smoking, pollution, chemicals and exposure to the suns UV rays.
  • Glutathione works as the body’s ‘master antioxidant’. It is a strong electron donor and works by directly binding to these oxidative molecules and neutralising them.

Glutathione’s role in detoxification

  • Glutathione plays an important role in our detoxification process through neutralising toxins in a process known as ‘conjugation’.
  • It binds to toxins such as smoke, alcohol, heavy metals, pesticides and other carcinogens to help neutralise them, make them more water-soluble and prepare them for excretion in the liver or kidney.

Glutathione for supporting skin

  • Sun, wind, UV rays and exposure to toxins in the environment can cause damage to skin overtime, resulting in dry, wrinkled skin and age spots.
  • Glutathione Zooki contains both Glutathione and Vitamin B2, contributing to the maintenance of normal skin and to the protection of skin cells against oxidative stress caused by environmental factors and ageing.

Can glutathione increase energy levels?

  • One of the cell functions worst affected by oxidative stress is the ability to produce energy. Energy production occurs in almost all cells in the body inside our ‘mitochondria’: the ‘powerhouses’ of each cell. If mitochondria are damaged by oxidative molecules, they slow down their energy production and cause the rest of the cell to become sluggish and under functioning.
  • Glutathione and Vitamin B2 protect cells against oxidative stress and contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Any other questions?

Glutathione Zooki is generally safe for children, however we always recommend consulting with a medical professional before giving any dietary supplement to children under the age of 18.

What makes Glutathione such a powerful antioxidant also means Glutathione easily oxidises when exposed to oxygen. In order to ensure that it doesn't denature, it's best to be kept airtight before use, which is why we keep it in our oral syringes!

Glutathione Zooki is sugar free and perfectly safe for diabetics to use

We always recommend pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18 and individuals with a known medical condition consult a medical professional before taking any new dietary supplement.

We use organic, plant-based glycerin derived from coconuts to keep the moisture content low, the sweet taste and the liposomal Glutathione solution stable. We only use 100% natural, sustainably sourced ingredients and place particular emphasis on avoiding ingredients such as potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and alcohol.

We bind Glutathione with Lactoferrin to improve bioavailability and stability

Glutathione Zooki contains small amount of Lactoferrin derived from Milk. We bind Glutathione with Lactoferrin to improve bioavailability and stability.

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