Keto Slim Bundle

    1. A Bundle to aid a restrictive or purely keto diet. Perfect fuel to help you sufficiently lower your carbohydrate intake, enter ketosis and force your body to burn fat to use as energy.
    2. If you're cutting down on sugar then this bundle is for you. Energise with healthy fats to keep your energy levels high and fight cravings. Helps with getting all your essential vitamins as you embark on your slimming mission.
    3. 1 x Vitamin Zooki (225ml) – A combination of essential vitamins all bound with MCT. An easy and absorbable way to tick the boxes for 8 essential vitamins as well as keep energy levels up.
    4. 1 x MCT Zooki (450ml) – High potency (medium chain triglycerides) MCT Oil in a smoothie style emulsion with a creamy coconut taste. A convenient way to fuel your mind and body with healthy fats as oppose to sugar!
    1. The Vitamin Zooki contains 100% of your RDA for 8 essential vitamins all bound with MCT. Provides 55 approved nutrition and health claims including contributing to the normal functioning of the heart, nervous system, immune system, psychological function, teeth and muscles as well as reducing tiredness and fatigue.
    2. The MCT Zooki contains high levels of C8 and C10 chain MCT Oil - a natural, pure source of energy that encourages the production of ketones in the brain. MCT is a readily metabolised, natural energy source to help you stay energised and fight cravings while dieting.
    3. For more information on individual products please see product pages.
    1. Our C8 and C10 chain MCT Oil is extracted from sustainably sourced coconuts.
    2. Zero artificial colourings, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.
    3. Sugar free (less than 0.01g per serving) - sweetened with plant based, natural sweetener.
    4. For more information on exact ingredients please see individual product pages.
    1. Enjoy off the spoon or add to smoothies, protein shakes, porridge, yoghurt and more.
    2. 1 teaspoon of Vitamin Zooki daily.
    3. MCT Zooki have 1-3 teaspoons daily. Very good mixed into water and sipped gradually during exercise or a long day at work.
    4. Do not give to pets.

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