We at YourZooki pride ourselves on formulating products that are world leading in taste, quality and convenience.

We utilize patented natural encapsulation technology to encapsulate water insoluble, highly purified and isolated oils such as Omega 3 fish oil high in EPA DHA or MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides). This is achieved by mimicking our own body’s process  of  'wrapping' the oils in water soluble, natural, micelles which can then be dissolved in a solution and emulsified for a smooth, creamy texture.

For our Omega 3 fish oil based products we encapsulate molecularly distilled pharmaceutical grade fish oil which is certified by “Friends of the sea” for sustainably sourced fish.

This patented nano encapsulation technology allows YourZooki to keep the ingredients natural, sugar free and stable for up to 18 months.

Key benefits to using patented nano-encapsulation technology

    • No capsules
    • Great taste
    • You can add to smoothies, shakes & more
    • Shelf stability
    • Smooth and creamy texture
    • 100% all natural ingredients
    • Sugar free
    • Highly concentrated
    • Stable for up to 18 months
    • No fishy burps