Omega 3 Zooki

Omega 3 Zooki is a high grade liquid fish oil supplement. Each teaspoon contains 1500mg of micelle encapsulated pharmaceutical grade fish oil, of which 375mg EPA DHA.

Micelle encapsulated fish oil prepares the Omega 3 for absorption before it enters the gastro-intestinal tract, increasing bioavailability and preventing waste. The nano-encapsulation process allows us to use 100% natural ingredients with no fishy smell or aftertaste, providing all the benefits of pharmaceutical grade fish oil in the most enjoyable way possible.

Unlike other liquid supplements, Zooki has a clean label - we only use 100% natural ingredients and all our products are sugar free.

Omega 3 Zooki has been designed to benefit the whole family. One teaspoon daily is suitable for all ages while active adults can have up to two teaspoons daily. Enjoy off the spoon or add to smoothies, shakes, yoghurt, porridge & more.

Omega 3 benefits all ages

Omega 3 is the most researched supplement in the world, and the evidence makes it a popular supplement for all ages.

Brain health - Omega 3 is a major structural fatty acid found in brain cells. A daily intake of 250mg DHA contributes to the normal function of your brain, as verified by the European Food Standards Agency.

Heart health - Omega 3 has been linked to heart and overall cardiovascular health in a number of ways. A daily intake of 250mg EPA DHA contributes to the normal function of your heart, as verified by the European Food Standard Agency.

Vision - Omega 3 is heavily concentrated in the retina of our eyes. A daily intake of 250mg DHA will contribute to the normal function of your vision, as verified by the European Food Standards Agency.

Sneak more Omega 3 into your diet

Omega 3 Zooki can be enjoyed straight from the spoon and comes in a variety of flavours - Peach Mango, Lime, Red Apple & Tropical.

The palatable nature and smooth, creamy texture of Zooki means it can also be added to a variety of foods and drinks to make getting high levels of Omega 3 incredibly easy.

Add to smoothies, shakes, porridge, yoghurt & more. For more inspiration, check out our recipes to find a wide variety of different meals the whole family can enjoy.

Omega 3 Zooki utilises micelles to aid absorption

Micelles are like tiny bubbles that carry ingredients. Made up from a single layer of phospholipids, they 'wrap' up molecules that can't typically be dissolved in water, such as Omega 3, so that your body can absorb it. When we eat an oily fish, our bodies will wrap up the fish oil in these micelles so that it can be transported to the cells that need it. The problem is that not all of the fish oil is wrapped up into micelles before it passes through the digestive system - some of it gets flushed down the toilet.

To overcome this, Zooki mimics this natural body process of wrapping the fish oil up in micelles - preparing the Omega 3 for absorption before it has entered your gastro-intestinal tract, speeding up the absorption process and increasing bioavailability.