MCT oil can be taken in 3 different ways

Raw MCT Oil
If you're after a pure source of MCT oil with the highest level of potency, then this is the one for you - We only use C8 MCT in our raw oil, and since there aren't any impurities, you can't get a faster-acting source of MCT oil. However, that isn't to say there aren't any drawbacks. Raw MCT oil, because of it’s oily texture, often requires a blender to get an even consistency - just mixing it in with a spoon often leaves an oily slick on the top of your coffee or smoothie.



MCT Oil Powder
While all forms of MCT can be added to coffee for an extra boost, MCT powder mixes in easily and acts as a delicious creamer. MCT powder makes MCT oil a little bit more manageable - you don't get the oily texture like you do with raw MCT oil so don't need to worry about using a blender to get an even consistency. This makes MCT powder an easier option if you like to add MCT oil to your coffee or water and it's much easier to incorporate into baking than regular MCT oil. 



MCT Zooki, Emulsified MCT Oil
MCT Zooki is a high grade emulsified MCT oil, and is the most convenient way to supplement with MCT oil. Each tablespoon of MCT Zooki contains 5000mg of C8 & C10 chain MCT oil, of which 100% is sourced from coconuts. Emulsified MCT oil suspends the MCT oil in a water-solution, doing away with the oily taste & texture so you can effortlessly add it to your coffee, smoothies, protein shakes, porridge, yoghurt, water & more - providing all the benefits of MCT oil in the most convenient way possible. MCT Zooki is Keto friendly, and is a great way to help reduce carbohydrate intake or cut out sugar completely.