Benefits of Omega 3

Heart health

Omega 3 can reduce blood triglyceride levels by up to 30%, reduce high blood pressure, raise HDL cholesterol levels (the"good" cholesterol) and prevent plaque build up that can restrict and harden arteries.

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Brain health

Omega 3 intake has been linked to reducing the mental decline associated with aging, including reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease, and has also been linked to having more grey matter in the brain - the brain tissue that processes information, memories & emotions.

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Getting enough omega 3 has been linked to reduced risk of macular degeneration, the leading cause of permanent eye damage and blindness, and may help protect the health of the retina from a host of other diseases.

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Studies done on joint health have found that patients taking omega 3 supplements have experienced reduced joint pain and increased grip strength. Omega 3 has also been shown to increase the amount of calcium in bones, which should lead to a reduced risk of osteoporosis.

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Eight weeks of Omega 3 EPA and Omega 3 DHA supplementation reduced onset muscle soreness 1 and 2 days after exercise in men compared to a control group, preventing loss of muscle strength in the days following intense exercise.

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Depression & Anxiety

Not only are people less likely to be depressed with regular omega 3 consumption, studies have shown that omega 3 consumption can actually reduce symptoms of depression & anxiety. One study even found omega 3 to be just as effective as Prozac in treating the symptoms of depression.

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Studies have found that children with ADHD have lower blood levels of omega 3 fatty acids, compared to children who do not exhibit ADHD symptoms. Numerous studies have found that omega 3 supplements can actually reduce the symptoms of ADHD, improving inattention and the ability to complete tasks as well as decreasing hyperactivity, impulsiveness, restlessness & aggression.

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Omega 3 supplementation during pregnancy has been associated with a long list of benefits for the child including higher intelligence, better communication & social skills, decreased risk of developmental delay and decreased risk of ADHD, autism & cerebral palsy.

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Omega 3 has been linked to a lower risk of asthma in children and young adults.

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