C8 MCT Oil

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500ml of C8 chain MCT oil, sourced from coconuts.

      • INGREDIENTS: Caprylic Acid Medium Chain
        Triglycerides (C8 MCT Oil) from coconuts.

        Allergy advice: sourced from coconuts

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The standard serving size is 1 tablespoon (15ml) and this can be had up to 3 times daily. Everyone is different, so start with 1 teaspoon (5ml) and gradually increase until you find your optimal level. If the MCT causes gastric pains, simply reduce the dose and gradually increase as your tolerance adjusts.
Store in a cool dark place.
If you're after a pure source of MCT oil with the highest level of potency, then this is the one for you - We only use C8 MCT in our raw oil, and since there aren't any impurities, you can't get a faster-acting source of MCT oil. However, that isn't to say there aren't any drawbacks. Raw MCT oil, because of it’s oily texture, often requires a blender to get an even consistency - just mixing it in with a spoon often leaves an oily slick on the top of your coffee or smoothie.


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