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A Decade of Health Trends

The way we look at health and how we make sure we keep our minds and bodies in tip-top shape changes over the years. While there might be some health trends of the past decade that are here to stay (for now), there are others that we are ready to say goodbye to.

With the dawning of a new decade, we wanted to find out which trends we are likely to carry with us in 2021, which ones are just finding their feet, and which ones are on the decline.

The Health Trends with the Biggest Increases in Popularity

When it comes to the trends that have been on the rise between 2010 and 2020, there may be some surprises. At the top of the list is the controversial trend of vaginal steaming, a practice that was relatively unknown until 2015 when Gwyneth Paltrow wrote about it. While its biggest peak was in January 2019, there is still plenty of interest in this trend.

  1. Vaginal steaming - 16,875% rise in popularity
  2. CBD skincare - 7,620% rise in popularity
  3. Intermittent fasting - 6,742% rise in popularity
  4. Mindfulness apps - 5,116% rise in popularity
  5. Keto diet - 3,417% rise in popularity
  6. Gut health - 2,577% rise in popularity
  7. Plant based diet - 1,822% rise in popularity
  8. Circadian lighting - 1,600% rise in popularity
  9. Liposomal glutathione - 830% rise in popularity
  10. Standing desks - 809% rise in popularity

The Health Trends Decreasing in Popularity

At the other side of the table are the trends that have fallen in popularity since 2010. The raw food diet works on the concept of eating uncooked foods as cooking can diminish nutrients and break down enzymes. However, it is often seen as being overly restrictive and difficult to stick to. That might be why this health trend has seen a steady decline in popularity since 2010 with searches dropping by 71%.

  1. Raw food diet - 71% decrease in popularity
  2. Bio photonics - 64% decrease in popularity
  3. Reproductive assistance - 55% decrease in popularity
  4. Weight training - 33% decrease in popularity
  5. Wellness music - 15% decrease in popularity
  6. Natural remedies - 11% decrease in popularity
  7. Detox retreat - 1% decrease in popularity

The Vitamins and Supplements with the Biggest Increases in Popularity

Taking vitamins and supplements is a great way of supporting your body’s natural processes that keep you fit and healthy, but which ones have seen the biggest increases in popularity? 

Liposomal glutathione takes the top spot with searches increasing by nearly 830% since 2010. This supplement helps to protect cells, combats tiredness and fatigue, and even supports the function of the skin. Liposomal technology is relatively new and is revolutionising the way we take supplements and vitamins. Instead of being taken by tablet or powder, the vitamin is stored in pockets of fat cells, allowing it to truly be absorbed by the body.

  1. Liposomal glutathione - 829.92% rise in popularity
  2. Collagen supplements - 452.15% rise in popularity
  3. Cannabidol - 336.48% rise in popularity
  4. Vitamin C - 328.68% rise in popularity
  5. Vitamin D - 96.89% rise in popularity
  6. Vitamin B12 - 75.59% rise in popularity
  7. Omega 3 - 63.13% rise in popularity
  8. Folic acid - 58.75% rise in popularity
  9. Vitamin B - 56.22% rise in popularity
  10. Supplements - 12.14% rise in popularity

The Diet and Food Trends with the Biggest Increases in Popularity

We can probably all think of a superfood or diet that seems to have been everywhere over the past decade, but which ones have seen the biggest boosts in popularity?

  1. Intermittent fasting - 6,742% rise in popularity
  2. Keto diet - 3,417% rise in popularity
  3. Gut health - 2,577% rise in popularity
  4. Plant based diet - 1,821.88% rise in popularity
  5. Non-dairy alternatives - 618.69% rise in popularity
  6. Kombucha - 343.22% rise in popularity
  7. Personalised nutrition - 299.77% rise in popularity
  8. CBD food - 281.50% rise in popularity
  9. Nut milks - 246.65% rise in popularity
  10. Food waste utilization - 218.13% rise in popularity


We compiled a list of health trends using a number of sources, including:

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We then looked at these trends inGoogle Trends using a time frame of 01/01/2010-18/12/2020 and searching worldwide. With these results, we then took an average of the numbers for 2010 and 2020, working out the difference between the two years to give our percentage increase or decrease.

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