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Turmeric Zooki in GQ Awards goodie bag

GQ recently held its Men of the Year Awards and Turmeric Zooki was included in the goodie bag that was given to each winner!

Winners included some seriously talented and legendary folk, from award-winning 'The Silence of the Lambs' actor Anthony Hopkins and pop king Ed Sheeran to fashionista Vivienne Westwood and Bridgerton heartthrob Rege Jean Page. We're super excited Turmeric Zooki is now in the hands of these amazing and influential individuals. 

We were certainly in good company, with the contents of the goodie bag adding up to a whopping £12,000. Alongside Turmeric Zooki, guests also received some very snazzy gifts like a night’s stay at Nobu hotel, a one-way flight on a luxury semi-private airline and a £229 Boss watch. 

Amongst amazing guests and gifts, we were very happy to be there (even if it was in the form of a sachet). Read more about the wonderful contents of the GQ Awards goodie bag here.

About Turmeric Zooki

Turmeric Zooki isn't just any Turmeric supplement. It's a high absorption turmeric shot that contains 750mg of curcumin, the active compound in turmeric root that's responsible for all of its benefits. While you can get curcumin from eating turmeric, you'd need to eat roughly two whole turmeric roots to get the same amount that's in Turmeric Zooki. 

This high-strength micellar turmeric supplement is made water-soluble by wrapping the turmeric in micelles - tiny bubbles made up from a single layer of essential phospholipids. 

Why take Turmeric Zooki? 

In a 4-week consumer trial conducted by CueConsumer...

  • 92% were happy with the results after 4 weeks
  • 88% had increased energy levels
  • 86% had improved recovery in between exercise
  • 82% had improved performance during exercise
  • 82% had improved fitness and endurance
  • 85% had less stiff & achy joints after an active day

If all that wasn't enough, Turmeric Zooki tastes like tangerines thanks to the natural fruit extracts - a much better alternative to the bitter taste of turmeric root. Find out more about Turmeric Zooki here.

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